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Why most people have difficulties to choosing glasses .

19 Sep 2019
Why most people have difficulties to choosing glasses .
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Let¡¯s talk about the difficulties that most people occurred when it comes to choosing the right glasses.  

¡°What type of frame suit my face?¡±

This is the most frequent question from our customers.

Choosing the right frame can be tricky as it takes time and experiences. At Sightcare, we believe that you can enhance your style by getting the right frame that suits your face shape rather than blindly following the trend. 

The right pair of glasses help to gain your own value and strengthen your confidence  

For example, some with serious Myopia may be lack of confidence when trying on frame due to their blurred vision or different opinions from peers. 

Besides, there could also be some unprofessional advices from the salesperson as they might pressure you to get the branded frame only for higher commissions.

For more about, considering at the face type/ skin colour/ overall image/ occupation/ lifestyle, etc. Stay tuned for the next issue, 

¡°How to choose a pair of frame in according to different face shape?¡±

EyeWear Consultant : Kenny Ho

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